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why we exist

We believe medical devices don’t have to be one-dimensional.  Functionality should not be mutually exclusive of design, and neither should come at the expense of accessibility and ease of use. 

At Azena, we think medical devices should deliver both high-end form and function, while remaining affordable and simple for the average clinician or medical institution. 

We strive to develop technologies that are highly efficacious, efficient and easy to use.  When medical devices are effective and user friendly, they tend to be utilized more often.  We want clinicians to love using our devices, because the more they use our technology, the more patient lives we can affect positively.



We Listen

We are intensely curious.  Creating great medical devices starts with listening to our clients’ needs.  We want to learn everything possible about your business, including market opportunities, challenges, competitive pressures, end customer insights, internal capabilities, objectives, and success criteria. 

We Analyze

Equipped with an understanding of your business needs, we take it upon ourselves to study the opportunity in greater detail.  We will take an in-depth look at the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, identify market gaps, and evaluate new technologies and design styles that drive differentiation.


We ideate

Ideation is our strength and expertise.  We create multiple design and technology concepts so you can choose a solution that fits your firm’s exact needs.  Each concept will include detailed engineering drawings as well as beautiful industrial design renderings that bring the concept to life.

We execute

Upon concept approval, we nimbly and efficiently turn the concept into reality while providing your firm visibility at each of our four phase gate exits.  We take care of everything – from design validation to tooling setup, from instructions for use to regulatory applications.  Our goal is to hand your firm a polished product ready for immediate commercialization.

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what we do

We create world-class medical devices that look as good as they function. Effectiveness, efficiency, product design, simplicity and ease of use all factor into how well a device or technology is adopted and integrated into a medical practice. 

We create technologies that clinicians love to use.  Additionally, our products are designed to be cost effective and accessible for a wide range of clinicians and institutions, ultimately helping to provide more affordable healthcare to patients. 

We offer our engineering, design and development expertise to organizations that have vision but need help executing on that vision.  Our full service approach allows organizations to focus on growing existing business while we focus on developing the next breakthrough innovation.

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Innovation Portfolio

Our award-winning medical devices are designed according to three key principles: simplicity, efficacy, and stunning esthetics.


NV Microlaser and SL3 are registered trademarks of DenMat Holdings, LLC

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Product awards

Products created by the Azena Team have won numerous design and clinical effectiveness awards and are widely recognized as leaders within their segments.

These awards are a testament to the successful track record of our team, and to the conviction that functionality and beautiful design can coexist to create medical devices that are effective, simple and most importantly, highly utilized.

After all, what value is there in a new technology that does not get used?  Clinicians who use our devices love them, use them constantly in practice, and change lives daily with them.


We are creative




Azena Medical is a forwarding thinking, full service medical device design firm specializing in semiconductor laser technology for the medical and dental  markets.

Founded with the vision of combining innovative engineering talent with creative design, we produce medical devices that are both highly effective and stunningly esthetic.  Our products have won numerous design and clinical effectiveness awards and are widely recognized as leaders within their segments.

Azena’s team of engineers and designers has over 45 years of combined experience designing highly innovative and creative medical lasers, from low powered entry-level systems to sophisticated, high-end Class IV surgical units. 

We have an in-depth understanding of the development cycle and challenges of taking a medical device from ideation through commercialization, including thorough knowledge of global regulatory processes and requirements.

Our goal is to partner with our clients to understand both internal and external needs, and then develop groundbreaking medical devices using the latest technologies and design techniques that will set them apart from the competition.  

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